Any special holiday season health tips for vacation and travel?
“Any special holiday season health tips for vacation and travel?”
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Holiday time is here, and for many of us, that also means travel. It is smart to have two healthcare strategies − one for pre-vacation days and one for travel days − so getting away can work like a breeze with no well-being issues to spoil your unbridled fun.

Where you’re heading off to – the beaches, the hills, or just for a stay with family or friends in another town – it’s hopefully something that will make your cup brim over and keep you happy.

If you’re well-prepared just before or during your leisure travel, you can avoid physical and mental stress later. So, to help increase the benefits of your time away, here are some tips about preparing with precautions and staying fit and well even when traveling.

Ready to go? Let’s get started.


6 tips for staying healthy ahead of travel

According to Susanna Newsonen, writing in Psychology Today, your adrenaline levels are at their highest pre-holiday. You work overtime to get everything done before going away. But once you’re on your way, the adrenaline levels drop – and so do your defenses to illnesses, just when you should be enjoying yourself.

Also, when you’re in a new place, you’re exposed to new viruses and bacteria for which your body hasn’t built immunities. Take these proactive steps to keep illness at bay before you even pick up your bags to get away.


1. Eat good food in the days before your journey to build immunity

Provide your body with the nutrition it needs to sustain a robust immune system. You can’t do this overnight, so start at least a month early and build your reserves. A diet rich in micronutrients, like zinc, copper, selenium, Vitamin B6, and folic acid, can help bolster immunity.

2. Attend proactive doctor appointments before your holiday

You’ll reduce your chances of having to visit new local doctors (who will not know about your medical history) on your tour. Pre-traveling clinic visits also allow you to get prescriptions and ask questions about special attention needed while you’re far from home.

Most important: If you have diseases like obesity, cholesterol, diabetes, and hypertension – or a history of hereditary illnesses – discuss these specifically with your doctor before travel. These diseases can have a multiplicative effect on your heart. Get the all-clear tests and green signals from your doctor.

3. Learn about travel-specific immunizations if you’re going abroad

The World Health Organisation, on its website, lists the immunizations mandated before visits to certain countries. Also, ask your doctor if you need any boosters for the shots you’ve had in the past. Medical alerts and virus protection recommendations change from time to time, so it’s good to check every time you travel.


Learn about travel-specific immunizations if you’re going abroad



4. Buy enough medication to cover your tour − and a little more too

Some countries don’t keep certain medications (due to their regulations), and their alternatives may not be a good substitute for your doctor’s prescription. So, buy enough of your regular medications before you travel. Carry your doctor’s prescription and all medicines in their original packaging, especially when going through various airport customs.

5. Well before, identify the closest hospital to your accommodation

Knowing if there’s a reputed hospital you can turn to, if you’re in any sickness or distress during your break, will be invaluable. Unfortunately, people plan their travel itineraries and hotel accommodation ever so thoroughly but forget to check on available good hospitals at destinations. Keep some shortlisted hospitals’ contact information handy for your travel.

6. Take precautions for allergies, weather, and air and water pollution

If you or any of your family have a history of allergies or food intolerance, research the local restaurant options at your destination. If you won’t be able to get some foods that you need, make plans to take some canned supplies with you (within what you’re allowed to bring into the new country). And let the airlines know your special diet needs at least three days before travel. Take the right clothes for the weather at your destination. If air pollution is an issue, change your plans to stay at places where the air is clean, fresh, and restorative. Plan to buy mineral water at supermarkets near your accommodation if drinking water is not the best in the country of visit.


5 tips for staying healthy during vacation travel

Now that we’ve explored some wise things to do before you travel, let’s focus on what you can do during your travel to enjoy yourself and get a bit of smart healthcare thrown in.

Surely you want to look fitter and feel great when you return home after a splendid time off, don’t you? Here are some easy-to-handle on-hop self-care tips.


1. Stay hydrated all the time, whether you’re indoors or outdoors

The more water you drink, the more you flush out toxins from your system. This will give you more energy to do many activities. Don’t reach for a snack when you feel a bit anxious during hectic sightseeing days. Instead, good old H2O is the way to go. Dehydration is common when traveling, so keep your water bottles full and take a sip or gulp often.


Stay hydrated all the time, whether you’re indoors or outdoors



2. Eat a big breakfast every morning, and make lunch or dinner small

Start your day with a nutritious breakfast with lean protein, dairy products, whole grain cereals, and fresh fruit to jumpstart your metabolism. Get some salad and fruit lunches at local eateries at midday, and enjoy small but deliciously wholesome dinners before returning to your place of stay. Don’t sleep at night on a heavy stomach.

3. Walk, walk, walk, walk – go everywhere and anywhere on foot

In the opinion of Chiara Marras, writing in Ecobnb.com, you’ll never really know the beauty of the place you visit unless you walk everywhere on a seasonal break. Imagine the joy you’ll get in your destination’s by-lanes and side streets, scouring the shops, taking in the sights and sounds, and making friends with the locals and their culture. The more steps you take, the better you’ll look when you get back all trim and fit.

4. Take your medicines on time wherever you are during the day

There’s never a good excuse for missing your due medications at the correct times of the day, just because you were too busy enjoying seeing new places and people. What is so hard about carrying your medicines in your backpack or handbag and popping a couple of pills at the proper times during the day? Some things don’t get days off, and taking medications is one of them.

5. Sleep during outstation stays is very important … so zzz peacefully

Sleep renews your body’s spent resources. A good 6-8 hours of sleep at night on getaways is like filling up the gas tank for the next day’s outings. Most often, travelers like to make merry at hotels and nightclubs because those are part of the local fare. Do these sporadically and within limits. Don’t cut back on sleep continuously every day and wake up at your crabby best every new day.


In summary

Make travel and time out the most memorable days to treasure forever. Being prepared and sensible are the ways to make the most of away-from-home time. Wherever you go, breathe in the new air. Fill your heart with loving care.




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