38% of respondents are at increased risk of high BMI without knowing or realizing it.

Publication: Saamana

Edition: Mumbai | Date : November 28, 2020

On BMI base, only 26 percent are normal, 29 percent are overweight and 19 percent are Obese. This is highly varied from the self assessment of overweight (including Obese) which is mentioned just 10% percent. This indicates that nearly 38 percent of respondents are at high risk without knowing or realizing it. City-wise analysis shows that only 4 percent respondents in Mumbai perceive them as obese while a highest 55 percent of those in Chennai put them in obese category. On the lifestyle front, there is an equal spread of all types from sedentary to physical work. Physical work type is prevailed more in tier 2 than tier 1 cities, with an average of 45 percent and 17 percent respectively. Nearly 40 percent Indians do only mild exercises, something that explains the higher incidence of obesity to the same extent. It is also observed that nowadays, the respondents of tier 2 cities are leading a more sedentary lifestyle than of tier-1 cities.
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