Control your risk factors to stay heart-strong

Publication: Southern Mail Daily

Edition: Coimbatore | Date : January 15, 2020

Modern women often neglect their well-being while juggling professional and personal responsibilities. Their negligence often makes them more vulnerable to heart diseases even when young. Women must learn to recognise the symptoms of heart diseases. Awareness would improve the outcome of such diseases more often than not. Waiting should never be an option when any symptom is recognised. Young women especially should start realising that heart diseases can affect women of any age. Modern women often find themselves living a very unhealthy life because of their various responsibilities. That’s why they should focus more on maintaining healthy levels of nutrition and physical activities. It is also true that women experience symptoms that are subtler and less intense when compared to men. Focusing on preventive measures is the best way to deal with cardiovascular risks of modern women. According to Dr. JK Periyasamy, Senior Consultant and Interventional Cardiologist, Coimbatore, women’s family health history, everyday habits and general health can significantly affect heart disease risks. Following doctors’ prescribed treatments and regular check-ups can massively help in managing risks. Eating healthy and fresh food and reducing meat consumption is also very important. Yoga, aerobic activities and walking will help in keeping their bodies active and healthy. For working women, managing stress and anxiety also becomes very important. Living a healthy life in every possible way will help women lead a long, heart-healthy life.
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