Heart attack occurs despite controlled blood sugar

Publication: Daily thanthi DTNext

Edition: Chennai | Date : December 03, 2019

Diabetes continues to grow throughout the world. India also witnesses an alarming surge in the numbers along with a spectrum of health complications. The most prevalent one among them is heart disease at a relatively younger age within the country. In cases of type-2 diabetes, even after blood sugar control, the youth is facing an increased risk of heart failure. There is an extreme need to raise awareness about heart health and reduce risks. To prevent Coronary Artery Disease, knowledge, awareness and managing diabetes is extremely important. Diabetics are significantly vulnerable to heart attack and stroke. The excess sugar in the blood damages many parts of the body including blood vessels and starves the heart of oxygen, resulting in increased risk of heart failure. Managing diabetes mellitus, systemic hypertension, smoking habits and cholesterol disorders are very important for preventing heart attacks, according to Dr D Prabhakar, Senior Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Dr Mehta’s Hospital. It is possible to get heart problems despite a healthy lifestyle. Healthy diet, active lifestyle and fitness regimens can help reduce risks of heart diseases. However, those who follow these strictly can also develop diabetes for other reasons. Lack of awareness amongst the youth leads to delayed diagnosis of diabetes, which in turn increases cardiovascular risks. This shows that there’s a need for raising awareness amongst Indians about cardiovascular diseases. Lifestyle modification is extremely important for managing diabetes. Also, diabetics should always stick to prescribed medication as they can manage the risk of heart diseases significantly. Diabetics should understand their individual risks immediately and should get their lipid levels checked before any heart attack symptoms show up. Regular check-ups can also significantly reduce the risk of heart diseases. Eating healthy, regular check-ups, testing and regular medication will help diabetics enjoy a healthy long life.
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