Heart disease hits busy working women the hardest

Publication: DinaKural

Edition: Vijaywada | Date : January 19, 2020

Heart attack causes nearly 1 in 3 deaths in women. In fact, heart attack is women’s no. 1 killer. As compared to men,women with hypertension and diabetes are at higher risk of atherosclerosis, a condition in which plaque builds up inside arteries. 2 Not only this, women are more likely than men to have chronic stable angina, a serious heart problem. 3 Women have smaller coronary vessels than those of men, which leads to increased heart disease risk and the need of urgent intervention. 4 Mortality after an acute coronary event is two times higher in women than in men under 50 years of age. 5 Once you reach menopause, your heart disease risks jump dramatically. But that doesn’t means that heart disease is just for older women. The disease can affect you even if you’re a young women.
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