Heart disease hits busy working women the hardest. Control risk factors to stay heart-healthy

Publication: HT Health Shots

Edition: Online | Date : January 11, 2020

For busy working women, it becomes very important to make simple adjustments to their lifestyle to ensure sound heart health. Women should carefully follow expert opinions in this article to manage risks. All women should be extra cautious after menopause because heart disease risk is known to increase in women once they reach menopause. Women should be mindful of each and every symptom they experience. Lack of awareness and misconceptions about gender and age are the biggest reasons for which heart disease symptoms go unrecognised in the case of most women. In India, high blood pressure, obesity and an unhealthy diet are the risk factors for women’s heart diseases. If any risk factor is present in someone’s life, they should take immediate action and start prioritising their health over everything else. Every woman should have heightened awareness about heart health indicators, so that it’s easier to set and manage health goals. Cultivating a healthy lifestyle is a must, no matter how busy one’s schedule is. From eating healthy to following doctors’ advice to being active, everything should be taken care of minutely. Heart-healthy, plant-based foods and fresh fruits should be incorporated into everyone’s daily diet. Consumption of meat-based, high-fat and high-sugar-content food should be reduced. Bad habits like smoking and drinking should be avoided at all costs.
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