Heart disease hits busy working women the hardest

Publication: Citizen's English Daily

Edition: Hyderabad | Date : February 12, 2020

Modern women, who are always juggling their professional and domestic responsibilities often overlook their own health and well-being. Working mothers are usually too busy to take care of their health and run an increased risk of heart diseases. According to Cardiologist S Shanmugasundaram, lack of awareness and misconception about heart diseases are the reasons for the delay in seeking medical care for women. He suggests that there’s a misconception that heart disease is a disease of men. Though this may be partially true because of estrogen, the protection wears off after menopause or in cases of diabetes or smoking habits. He also adds that there’s a lack of awareness about atypical symptoms like fatigue, upper abdominal pain, back pain, sweating, breathlessness etc.
He further adds that heart diseases are the leading cause of death among women, which accounts for 20-25 per cent of death among women.
According to MGR Medical University’s specialist physician SN Narasingan, family history, everyday habits and general health can affect the heart. Those who have an increased risk of heart diseases should stick to prescribed treatment plans, healthy dietary habits and overall active lifestyle.
A healthy diet helps reduce risk factors by 80 per cent. Small changes in diet can have big impacts on the body. Fats are also important for maintaining good health. Apart from providing energy, fats also help in the absorption of vitamins, hormone production, protecting vital organs and even insulating the body from cold.

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