Lifestyle Myth Burst: Two-third of Indians are either diabetic or pre-diabetic

Publication: DNA

Edition: Mumbai | Date : November 30, 2020

38% Indians believe they are healthy but in reality, they are suffering from diabetes. Another 28% of healthy individuals were also diagnosed to be pre-diabetic. Hence, two-third of the test subjects were found to be vulnerable to diabetes and CVD risks. As per ‘Making India Heartstrong Survey’, half of the respondents were found to be unaware of the link between diabetes and obesity. Surprisingly, even after being a top metro city, Mumbai ranks the lowest in awareness towards diabetes and heart diseases. Hyderabad and Vijaywada were ranked amongst the most aware ones. 88% do not know that high cholesterol may lead to heart disease. People with diabetes have a two to four times increased risk of coronary arterial disease (CAD). It also has been reported that diabetics develop CAD two to three decades earlier than non-diabetics. People must understand that diabetes has no cure but it can be managed with an active lifestyle and healthy dietary habits.
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