New study finds an alarming rise in pre-diabetes

Publication: Trinity Mirror

Edition: Vijaywada | Date : November 16, 2020

A study conducted by Neuberg Diagnostics indicated that across all age groups, 24 of the people had borderline levels of blood sugar, that is, they were pre-diabetic. The blood samples were collected between October 2018 and October 2020 from five cities- Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Kochi and Hyderabad. The highest prevalence was observed among those who were above 50 years old. 68% of them were found to be pre-diabetic. 24% of people between 36 to 50 years were found to be pre-diabetic. 8% of those who were less than 35 years old were found to be pre-diabetic. Dr. Sandip Shah, Executive Director, Neuberg Diagnostics, says that genetics influence the propensity of people having borderline diabetes. He said that the parents are encouraged to keep track of their children’s sugar levels right from the age of 18. Parents should also be watchful of symptoms in younger children. Early diagnosis of pre-diabetes can help in preventing full-fledged diabetes. The study also found out that 0.32% of the pre-diabetics were 0-18 years old. Dr. Prasad said that prediabetes can develop at any age. However, he mentioned that the risks increase with age.
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