People considering themselves healthy turned out to be diabetic or pre diabetic – says survey

Publication: Punya Nagri

Edition: Mumbai | Date : November 21, 2020

38 percent of Indians who believe they are healthy have been found suffering from diabetes, reveals the study. While another 28 percent healthy individual have been diagnosed with pre-diabetics based on their HbA1c levels. Hence, two third are either having CVD risk or risk prone.In addition, 50 percent Indians are unaware that diabetes and Obesity are the most closely associated risk factors with heart diseases. A whopping 88% do not know that high cholesterol may lead to heart disease. Surprisingly, Mumbai even being a top metro city ranks lowest (14%) in terms of awareness towards the association between diabetes and heart diseases. On the contrary, Hyderabad (45%) followed by Vijaywada (43%) appears to be most aware. The survey shows that only a small fraction of Indians (10%) knows that hardening of arteries fell under the umbrella of heart diseases.
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