Two third of Indians who believe they are healthy are either diabetics or pre-diebetics says Study

Publication: Dinakural

Edition: Madurai | Date : November 19, 2020

The study titled, ‘Making India Heartstrong Survey’, is a two-part study comprising questionnaire-based interviews and HbA1c (Average Glucose level) and Lipid profile Tests, conducted to understand perception of people towards heart health versus actual numbers of people at heart risk. Certain parameters like HDL and Triglycerides were also measured as they play a key role in defining Indians’ health due to their staple food habits and food choices. 38 percent of Indians who believe they are healthy have been found suffering from diabetes, reveals the study. While another 28 percent healthy individual have been diagnosed with pre-diabeticsbased on their HbA1c levels. Hence, two third are either having CVD risk or risk prone.
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